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A couple decades ago I built a record shop in my town. I started it because of my enthusiasm for music and collecting records. My wife mentioned that maybe I should start a business. I think she was hoping to get those records out of our home. I ran a shop for many years but two years ago I thought having a small company wasn't what I wanted to do. I started to look into opportunities to sell my baby. The decision was hard but actually selling it was even more difficult.

I looked to find a business adviser to help me the best buyer. I wanted to evade selling to big, souless, and national companies. I wished the new owner would keep the original, DIY aesthetic that I'd created. Thankfully, the handyman services franchise Denver CO said he'd attempt to fulfill my hopes.

As a fan of music, I visit my former record store to purchase records. I'm always looking for interesting music, but horribly it's caused my own collection to balloon once again. I hope I'll keep my collection to my myself this time.

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