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Your Child & Early Education Finding a TopRated Preschool

All children need to receive early education. In fact, a recent study by The Perry Preschool Project found that preschool attendees are more likely to complete high school, commit less crimes, and hold better jobs. Preschool provides young students with the opportunity to learn important skills, interact with others, and grow in a number of different ways. The real decision that parents need to make is which preschool they should pick.

Unless you reside in a tiny city, you probably have a lot of preschool choices. Some new on the scene, while others have been around for a very long time. Choosing the best pre-K school is no easy feat. Here are three effective strategies that can help make this choice easier:

Ask Friends & Family

Do you have friends or family who have passed through this process? If so, talk to them. They will provide valuable information about the program they chose. A few casual conversations can help you gather a few preschools that you can focus on.

Rating Websites

Do a Google search for "top-rated preschools in (your area)" and you'll probably find two result categories: specific preschools and review websites. These websites will lead you to reviews and rankings for a number of different preschools in your local area. We aren't saying you should run with whatever pre-K school the site ranks #1. But you will find some information to make the choice easier.


Once you have finally trimmed your list down to a few choices, tour the campuses of your favorite preschools. This will give you an opportunity to talk to teachers and find out if it fits your criteria. Call ahead and find out when these preschools allow visitors.

With the help of these three steps, selecting the best early education option is much easier.

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